Get to know Faith Greaves City Council Candidate for Ward 10 Calgary

Faith Greaves has been a leader in the community since arriving in Calgary in January 2009. Born in Jamaica, West Indies, Faith immigrated to Canada in 1975, settling in the community of Toronto with her family. Faith is a mother of three and has three grandchildren. Faith calls Calgary her new home.
A humanitarian at heart, Faith is involved with a number of organizations in Calgary that support grassroots community engagement. She was the Director of Programs at Temple Community Association, serves on board at the Jamaican Canadian Association Alberta and the Falconridge/Castleridge Community Association.  In 2013, she was selected to the Calgary Police Diversity Unit for the Caribbean and Latino community, a group that strives to improve awareness and understanding between city police and Calgary’s diverse communities.

Faith Demonstrates Leadership in the Community

In 2012, Faith founded Mozia Shows & Plays, a family-oriented theatrical production company built on the idea that art can be a tool for educating and bringing families together as well as bridging racial and economic divides. She is most proud of the production “I Need to Know My Father,” a story of how love transcends race and colour, and events like the Ring Ding Our Children's Ting children’s talent show.

Faith’s firmly believes in the concept of “abundant communities,” a strategy of community engagement that promotes new connections and relationships among neighbours. The idea is that a stronger social tie leads to safer, healthier communities. Always leading by example, Faith believes one’s sense of community stewardship is borne out of our own backyard. From organizing bread drives from her home, to participating on community initiatives, Faith connects, inspires and engages with people from all walks of life.

Faith takes pride in bridging divides and is looking forward to taking the new Ward 10 forward with the objective of building abundant communities that serve the people and their needs, a central aim of her campaign for city council in 2017.   

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She cares about the people in Ward 10
She lives in the community
You will see Faith working in the community
Poverty Elimination

Starting with the children, our future leaders, establishing breakfast clubs that caters to the nutrient a child needs to start the day.

Fuel the brain, promotes leaders of tomorrow. Productive learning and interactive skills development

The mandate by feeding 200 children in the first year and 4th year we should feed over 2000 children, ensuring that our children have a breakfast program in school or at the community facility, leading to a healthier lifestyle. Working with the residences and businesses of Ward 10.

Efficient Transportation 

Having an efficient transportation system for all quadrants

Getting residence to their destination with or close to a 60 mins window

Creating bus routes to access major intersection 

Transparency & Accountability to Community  

Knowing and understanding where your tax dollars are spent

Accountable to community 

Secondary Suites & Affordable Housings

No member of society should be homeless

Ensuring a processing system that will reduce the time for secondary suites approval 

Accountability for landlords providing safe environment for residents 

Business Development & Crime Reduction

Creating relationship with community and business partners. 

Engaging business in community development plans. Having an effective
neighbour watch program.

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Faith Greaves is driven. She is committed and loyal. She does not back down until the job is completed.

— Connie McTeer

I know Faith Greaves through the Jamaican-Canadian Association of Calgary. I am glad to see a woman running for the public office in Calgary and hope this continue to the next generation.

— AJ

I believe she has shown in several ways in the community that she has the ability, desire and leadership skills to be the woman we need for councillor in Ward 10

— Yinka Oladele

Faith Greaves is a spectacular woman, and in my opinion is the best candidate for representing ward 10. She's honest, passionate, hard working and motivating.

— Anthony Lavala Jr

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