About Faith

Faith Greaves is proud to call Calgary home. Like many of us, Faith was not born in Calgary. However, she has helped built it. Working with groups like the Mozia Women’s Network Society, Castleridge, Falconridge, and Temple Community Associations, and the Jamaican Canadian Association Alberta she has taken a leading role in defining what Calgary should be.


For Faith, Calgary should be a place where bridges can be built over things that divide us. As such, Faith has taken a leading role in reaching out to new communities and building a Calgary which is abundant a big village.


She has said before that: “We are the foundation, we are Parents., we are nurturers. Council needs to have more people there who understand those issues.”


From now until October 16th, Faith will be talking about the need to have more affordable housing, the need to have more affordable transportation and how the city of Calgary can reach out to all Calgarians – young and old, new residents and those who remember the changes of the city – to build a Calgary that we can all be proud of while taking care of the village.